Pacific Northwest: Part Three

We didn't really know where to go in Seattle. I've been there once before for a few days with my family and absolutely loved it. Something was just different this time. I've talked to a few people since we left and they all suggested having a local as a tour guide. Otherwise you'll wander around downtown and wonder "where is everyone?"

Vancouver, however, was amazing. The food, the neighborhoods, the people, the shopping. It was also very walkable. Getting there was a huge relief. I had barely taken any photos and as soon as we parked I jumped out and started taking photos of the parking lot. In fact, most of the photos I posted are from Vancouver.

As for weather...yes, both cities were grey and rainy. But that's why Hot Toddies exist. And yes, I complained a lot because I didn't bring proper footwear. But I would definitely go back.

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Anonymous said...

wow--nice reflection on that window.